Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hot Pink !

So I decided to change my hair style and colour. I went for a hot pink! Half of the back is pink and part of the front is pink as well. I also went for a softer look with my makeup that day. Here's some pics ;

New hair & makeup

Side view
I am satisfied with my new colour actually. I didn't think it would come out this good. So i'm glad I did it. Now I can't decide what colour I should do next hmm...

That's it for now.
Bye bye


Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Great Escape...

Hello to all. For those who didn't know I have been doing a few trips here and there over the past few weeks.
I'm currently in Canada,but I will be going back to Japan in a few days. I decided to post some of my pictures I took while travelling. Most of the time I forget to take pictures. It's not a lot this time so please bare with me haha.


My cousin's house.

On my cousin's porch. 

The view from my cousin's house.

(Taken by my IPhone)

Relaxing time.

Beach time.

Very beautiful.
Free bus services almost everywhere.

The tall building is Taipei 101; a shopping mall.

I thought it would make a great shot!

A popular tourist spot.
Fun time.

Walking around.

Some things I got while in Taiwan; the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy (currently reading the first one), 10 packs of eyelashes, eyebrow/eye-shadow makeup, mascara, eyeliners(already opened).
I also got some things for my mother and nieces.

 My skin is very sensitive so I got a seriously bad sun tan, will not go into details just believe when i say it's not looking too good haha. I will be hibernating for a while trying to get it under control. I got to catch up with a few old friends in Grenada and Taiwan though so everything was worth it.

I plan on using my new eyelashes soon, so stay tuned for some pics!