Friday, 30 November 2012

Update;Upcoming plans...


I have been really busy these past few months, have a lot of things planned out over the next few months to come.
I recently returned back to Toronto from Japan and will be here in Canada for a while. The beginning of the new year, I will be moving to Vancouver for a few reasons and I will also be starting school there as well. I will be there for about a year and half, if things work out well I will return back to Japan after that.

Anyways, my birthday was on November 16th. I went to Vancouver a few days before that but as I was returning back to Toronto, I caught a terrible cold. I couldn't celebrate my birthday the way I planned to but I plan on doing something different soon. But I did receive some awesome presents to cheer me up ;

Make-up set
Foundations & Concealers
Louie Vuitton Sunglasses
Gyaru Magazines
Dollywink eyelashes

and money!!! haha

Here's some recent pictures of me loving my new purple lipstick ;

before i add eyelashes

Still no eyelashes..haha
love it xD

Well that's it for now.
Take care~


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