Saturday, 12 January 2013

1st week over....

Happy New Year !

This is now my second week in Vancouver,BC and I'm loving it. The weather has it's ups and down (been raining a lot) but recently it hasn't been raining and I finally got to feel the weather and it's perfect. Not too cold, not too warm but just in the middle.

Before I came over to Vancouver I did a little photo-shoot. It was my first one in like 2-3 years so I was a little nervous. But in the end I had fun and the pictures came out great ! Here's a little peek ;

This is my absolute fav...

Most of you probably already seen it on Facebook or Intsagram. I really love how they came out and i'm looking forward to doing more in the future.

Anyways back to Vancouver life.. I met up with some Japanese friends and went out for the first time since I been here. We did karaoke for hours and hours (I won't be singing for the next few days haha). It's really refreshing here, the scenery is really beautiful as well! So far i'm loving it here, would be more awesome if I knew more people here but I just got here so i'll give some more time.

Until then,
ciao for now

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